Jazz with new roots
Courage to stand on the edge The attitude of a garage band
Just three individuals, just a trio, just another jazz band which surprises constantly.

Their songlike originals provide the fundamentals from which they create. But this trio does not simply sound like drums, double bass and saxophone. They’re willed to demolish their elegant construct at any time and rebuild it abruptly in a manner which is fed by Hip-Hop, Pop, Free Jazz and Krautrock.There are moments in which the typical rules of the instruments hardly apply or get altered heavily by swapping roles and using extended playing techniques.
All this creates an authentic statement that goes beyond Just Another Foundry’s music. This is the music of the big cities and yet of their roots: a music that mirrors the fire of a new generation.

Jonas Engel - saxophone
Florian Herzog - double bass
Anthony Greminger - drums

“This is what the future of German Jazz looks like.” 

- Oliver Hochkeppel, South German public newspaper (SZ)

“Their confident playing with melodic finesse and rustic violence both, won the band several prices” 

- Uli Lemke, JazzThing

“Courage for the edge and the non-lovely in the intensity-filled performance of the trio and its excellent interplay” 

- Roland Spiegel, Bavarian public radio (BR)


Avignon Jazz Award
Maastricht Jazz Award
Young German Jazz Award
Munich Jazz award